A pair of premium leather gloves is an accessory, which is many times underrepresented in its ability to communicate class, elegance and personal style.

We are proud to source our products from Pécs, Hungary, the European capital of glove making. All the gloves are table cut, one by one, according to the French tradition of glove making dating back to the 17th century. The leathers are all ethically sourced from the best tanneries of Italy and France.


Our flagship brand, Hamerli, remains faithful to János Hamerli master glovemaker’s legacy. Noble materials, passionate craftsmen, outstanding know-how are vital parts of our traditional manufacturing process, ensuring excellence of our products.

A pair of Hamerli is a fine work of art created by proud artisans. The complex, traditional handcrafting process remains almost unchanged since Centuries. The process includes more than 50 separate stages while a Hamerli, an exclusive masterpiece, is born.

1861 Glove manufactory

For more than 160 years the city of Pécs has maintained its status as the European capital of glove making. Traditional techniques were passed on from one generation to the next, even in the most turbulent of times. In its recently renovated historical atelier, 1861 Glove Manufactory cultivates its know-how and innovation in the art of leather, made in Hungary.

1861 Glove Manufactory's philosophy is bring the premium leather gloves experience to a wider audience.

Watch how our gloves are made